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Uniquely You Counselling We are in the s

"We are sailing in the same storm. Not in the same boat."

Feeling overwhelm is a natural response to facing persistent stress, pressure or emotions and it's important to acknowledge the extraordinary circumstances we are living in right now. 

What is your new normal and how is it impacting your life and your relationships with those around you?

Are you struggling to find a life balance with challenges like work pressures, parenting responsibilities, financial strain or relationship difficulties?  

Are you able to tell someone how you're feeling or do you feel like you just need to cope because everyone is in the same boat? 

I'm here to remind you that we're not in the same boat at all. We all have very different lives that have different challenges .

Coping on your own when you're feeling like you need support can lead to anxiety and have an effect on your moods and your thinking so it's important to ask for help when you need it. Before it leads to overwhelm.  

Sometimes we grow up believing that in order to be strong we need to cope with everything. The truth is, it's not weak to admit that you're struggling. In fact, it takes alot of courage.


So think of yourself as strong for making the decision to talk to someone. We all need help sometimes because we're human. Not superhuman. 

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